Underground Summer

I spent the summer underground. Not literally, but it felt like it. Have you ever had a time where you’ve felt breathlessly busy but when asked to tell what you’ve been up to, you couldn’t really say? The days rush by in a blur but at the end of them you have trouble quantifying what you’ve … More Underground Summer

On Generosity

Today I signed up on one of those meal trains that schedules food for friends in need. It’s only early March, but this is probably the 6th time since January that I’ll be trotting a shiny disposable pan of home-cooked comfort to someone who has had a baby, or an accident, or surgery, or some … More On Generosity

Happy Birthday, Henry

Dear Henry, If you were here, you’d be churning out papers and studying for exams. I’d be making you whatever cake you wanted. You would have picked out your birthday meal – you’d have spent a lot of time on that decision because we Ollers take our food seriously – and your siblings would come … More Happy Birthday, Henry

Purposeful Waiting

I spent time in a couple of airports last weekend, where I was forced to experience my personal version of hell: waiting in line. Security scans. Food lines. Queuing up at the gate, all while schlepping baggage from here to eternity. I hate waiting for anything. I will go to great lengths to avoid it, … More Purposeful Waiting

The Cookie Story

Once upon a time, a church decided to host a block party for its urban neighborhood. Everyone was invited. There would be games and music, snow cones and balloon animals. Kids would get school supplies and maybe win a new bike in the drawing. There would be food – lots and lots of food. One … More The Cookie Story

Your Powerful Story

  The  suburban backyard was unusually quiet for a Saturday night. No lawnmowers, no neighbors calling, not even traffic disturbed the group of women sitting on the deck. Or perhaps we were so captured by what we were hearing that we didn’t notice. My friend was telling us her life story. Her story is raw and … More Your Powerful Story

Opposite Day

When my kids were little, we watched VHS videos with cheesy songs about animals, sports, feelings, and the like. Let’s just say none of them would ever win a Tony. I remember one, “Opposite Day”, about doing things backwards all day long: putting clothes on backward, eating dinner for breakfast, walking backward. My kids loved … More Opposite Day