Improbable Blessings

Just so we’re clear: Jesus’ opening words to his most famous sermon aren’t a cutesy catchphrase. Calling them the “Be-Attitudes” misses their point. “Beatitude” means “supreme blessedness, exalted happiness,” and by using this exclamation point of a word Jesus got the crowd’s attention right at the start of his Sermon on the Mount. I wonder … More Improbable Blessings

The Power of Us

Last week the girls and I finished up our Bible study over a potluck meal. If you have to say goodbye, do it with pasta and dessert; this combo definitely helps the parting go down easier. You know you have a good community when you don’t want to say goodbye to it. We started out … More The Power of Us

Leaving Egypt

Once a week I drive across town to spend a couple hours with a group of ladies who are searching hard after God. We’re at all ages and stages of life. Some are mothering kids at home, others have recently retired. One just quit her job so she could care for her aging mom, so … More Leaving Egypt