I love: Jesus. RImage-1(2)ob. Words of all kinds. Roses and  the scent of lavender. Ohio twilights when the lightning bugs twinkle over the cornfields. I love good coffee with cream, deep conversations that go somewhere, and the musty smell of old books. I love baking. I love listening to my kids sing. I love wrestling with God, knowing He can handle it, and I love pondering the beauty of the seen and the unseen. And chocolate cake, always chocolate cake.

I am a wife and mother, adopted Ohioan but northeasterner by birth. I’m a “retired” homeschool mom and part-time baker. I get to attend church in an old restored building complete with gorgeous stained glass, and sometimes I get to play the keyboards there. I am a disciple of Jesus and I try to be a friend. Mostly I am a ponderer… of big things and small things. I’m capable of pondering the life right out of things, but usually manage to find hidden treasures while I’m at it. I write because the act of putting words together is part of my pondering, and strengthens my faith. I write because God has revealed so many beautiful things  that need to be explored and remembered. I invite you to explore with me.


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