Summertime, Farmers Markets, and Writing About It All

Maybe I spent too many years as a homeschool mom who needed a break. Whatever the reason, I still think of summer as the time of year when everything slows down, when we roll out of bed and see where the day takes us.

But there’s this one little thing I just added to my life: the Farmers Market. As in, I’m going there every week with 50 fresh loaves of bread to sell.

A few years ago, the kids and I had a family baked-goods stand. We all pitched in to make and sell a variety of treats. This year, it’s just me. It’s ok;  I’ve made a few tweaks so I can manage by myself. One thing that hasn’t changed is that I still love the creativity of baking and the sense of community at the Market. It’s like a weekly mini festival. Everyone walks around with their coffee (we’re lucky to have our Market right next to a great coffee shop), they’re in a good mood, and celebration is in the air. It’s a weekly treasure hunt: will there be strawberries this week? Will that great lettuce from last week still be in season today? What friends will we run into today?

As much fun as it is, it’s also a full-time summer job. Yes, I realize I’m not following my mindset of summer as a slowed-down time. But it’s ok because there’s baking to do, friends to meet, and life to savor.

I foresee only one small wrinkle. You’ll understand if I put it to you this way: Right now, at this moment, it’s Monday, and normally all I’d be doing is hitting “publish”. But here I am, writing the whole blog because I couldn’t get to it any earlier.

So I’m hoping you’ll be ok with a relaxed Beautiful Word this summer. I’m not going away; I know I’ll have too much to tell you to do that. But I am going to give us all permission to chill out a little on the weekly schedule. Don’t fret if Monday passes without a Beautiful Word; just know that one will come along soon. I promise that whenever I have something to share, I’ll post it. If you’re following me through email or Facebook, you’ll still see all the posts.

In the meantime, go to your local Farmers Market and support all the good people dedicated to bringing you wonderful food.

See you next time!


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