Idol Spotting

It seems weird to talk about idols in this day and age. Idols make me think of chubby potbellied statues, or golden calves like in Exodus. Or that singing show on TV. I’ve had to ponder what modern-day idols look like. And I’ve found that they look exactly like a lot of the things I … More Idol Spotting

All My Streams

So with Valentine’s Day 2016 having come and gone, I’ve been doing a little thinking about relationships. And how expectations affect relationships for better, or worse. I’ve experienced a lot of Valentine’s Days in my life, more than 25 of them with the same guy. He’s responsible for the best one – the time he … More All My Streams

Leaving Egypt

Once a week I drive across town to spend a couple hours with a group of ladies who are searching hard after God. We’re at all ages and stages of life. Some are mothering kids at home, others have recently retired. One just quit her job so she could care for her aging mom, so … More Leaving Egypt